Tuesday, 2 September 2014


Some people think if something is beautiful it has to become known by all, but is that really necessary?

Some beauty has been ruined precisely because it became known by many.


  1. Very true, everything linked to something effects how it is viewed and perceived. Anything beautiful can be tarnished by abstract and exterior forces.

    A pessimistic comment can attach negativity to even the most inspiring of photo and art, Over simplifying something of complexity can make it seem mundane.

    Beautiful things can also be ruined by direct physical forest.

    A flower picked from it's place will die, Trampled land will wilt, a crowd of people can obscure a view.

    Often the most beautiful things bloom in the shade so to say.

    The purest of which are the quiet shared moment when one's heart flutters at the pure brilliance of something abstract and spiritually effective. These we hold in our hearts to our dying breath and share with none for only those present at the time could truly understand how they felt in that moment.

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you Saya,

    You provide inspiration and allow me to go off on my tangent of thoughts. I appreciate all that you do and as always look forward to that which is yet to come.

  2. Thank you always for your insightful comment!

    This summer I had an opportunity to visit Budapest, Hungary, and while I was there I heard about various plans to get more tourists come to Budapest.

    Now, Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited, and I initially agreed with the others that its beauty deserves more recognition; but on the second thought, I realised that I would feel sad to see this beautiful place trampled by hordes of mindless (and some even barbaric) tourists, who have no concern or respect for the place they visit.

    Budapest is nicknamed the "Pearl of Danube," but to me it is more like the "Hidden" Pearl of Danube; and it might be better off hidden too.