Monday, 30 June 2014

The Temple Inside of You

A new music I composed!

I quite like it! :D


  1. I walked into work today in a dire mood, heavy with negative thoughts. Then I listened to your music. It dispelled and cleansed me of my worries.

    Thank you so much for your hard work!

  2. I'm very happy to receive your comment! Thank you so much! :D

    I really hope you're feeling better now!
    If you need a chat, you can PM me via twitter (if you have a twitter account).

    Take care!

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  4. This music made me feel like I was walking through a forest of blossom trees, admiring the view of the sky and the breath taking mountains in the far distance. all I could think of was how precious life can be, and the things it has to offer.
    Thank you Saya, that was inspiring!