Thursday, 2 January 2014

Living Truthfully

What will a man gain by winning the whole world, at the cost of his true self?
Or what can he give that will buy that self back?
(Matthew 16:26)

The answer is NOTHING for both questions.

I am not a Christian, so how I see Jesus is that he was simply a man who tried to live as himself, in accordance with his own values.

He suffered greatly for it, and he continued to doubt his course of action right up till the end.
Perhaps it was not a happy life, but there are things in life more important than seeking to build a life that is commonly judged as "happy" by others.

You can choose to live like a "saint" or become a martyr of the truth you believe in.    


  1. Well said Saya!

    I agree that we should all be true to ourselves and make our lives count.

    Identity is a very difficult concern that we all face. We spend so much of our time trying to learn how to be and who to be from the world around us that we lose track of our true selves. As with anything, considering our path does not help us reach our final destination if we do not walk it.

    Another issue is the suffering brought on by not conforming. As with the life of Jesus, if we go against the grain, things are rough. People do not like to encounter anything outside of their expectations. This is a flaw developed in the social system. Society should encourage new thoughts and differences in order to allow for evolution and progress, that’s how we reached where we are today.

    The last major concern is the idea of “happiness”, an abstract concept that was developed by humans and varies based on personal perspective. One person’s happiness may be an others misery. I suggest we seek to obtain a sense of fulfillment instead. No matter how hard Jesus’ path was to travel, if he died knowing he lived true to himself he would have no regrets.

    So if I were to fade on my death bed as a “saint” in the eyes of the world, yet filled with regret, I would have wasted the life given to me.

    Thanks once again for the food for thought Saya!



  2. Thank you for your profound thoughts too, CRRobbins! And I'm sorry again that my reply is late (+_+)

    On reflection, I wonder if I have been too pessimistic and thinking in a too dichotomic way.
    Probably there is a way to live truthfully to myself AND live in harmony with the society that surrounds me.

    My search for a true fulfillment need not to stir up conflict....

    Thank you again for your comment and take care!

    Best wishes,