Saturday, 16 November 2013

Love and Forgiveness


  1. Greetings Saya!

    I stopped over from the underworld to see what else you had going on. I really enjoy your art and am very impressed to know it is done with a mouse! Your cartoons are delightfull and the guns are more than amazing for the medium used.

    I feel as though this blog provides more insight on the person who is Saya. It is uniquely you. It has been pleasant to see you expressing yourself artistically and in general. Keep it up!

    I look forward to seeing more as you find the time.

  2. My dear anonymous reader, thank you ever so much for your generous, warm-hearted words. I never expect people to compliment on my art works so it's a nice surprise! LOL

    Producing pictures and music are ways for me to explore my soul.
    You know you can never verbalize the essence of a person; it needs to be expressed in non-verbal ways.

    Yes please do look forward to seeing more of myself in the future! :D

    Take care! <3