Sunday, 27 October 2013

What I wanted to do with this blog

When I restarted this blog this year, I initially wanted to turn it into one like Saya in Underworld, but filling it with stuff from the world in general instead of only from Japan.

But you know, with my personality, I can't do anything in a half-hearted manner.

If I want to do another blog like Saya in Underworld, I'd want to do it properly.
But there isn't enough time to do another blog like SIU.

So I gave up.

If I come across something interesting that's non-Japanese, I will still try to post it here though.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

What is Revenge?

Good Old Bunniesky (my cartoon rabbit character) is BACK!
No! It's NOT M*ffy! Damn it!

This may seem not much, but it actually took me AGES to draw this particular one, just because I forgot how to use this painting software. You have no idea!


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Walther P38

You might be wondering, "Why the HELL is she putting up a picture of a gun?"

Well, it's MY blog and I can do ANYTHING I LIKE with it.

Anway, this drawing probably looks nothing like the real thing, because all the measurements are wrong to start with. I just looked at the picture of the gun and drew it with a mouse (yes, with a MOUSE and it took me ages) by freehand. And I did this last year too (if you want to know).

I haven't done any drawings for more than half a year and I should start doing it again.

I've been composing some music too (nothing grand) and I've been thinking perhaps it would be nice to upload some of my compositions on the blog.